Funds Raised

8:00pm: Post on social using #ShineALightNight

Share a photo or video on social media of your sleep-out and use #ShineALightNight. We want to see all your sleep-outs online! If you use #ShineALightNight on Twitter, your photo will appear in a mosaic on our site, so keep an eye out! We also have a Shine a Light Night filter on Snapchat to help you create some fun content!

8:15pm: Watch our video interviews

Click the buttons below to watch our video interviews. You will learn about the work we do at Focus Ireland and how your Shine a Light Night fundraising impacts the people we support.

1. A message from our CEO, Pat Dennigan.

2. A message from the founder and president of Focus Ireland, Sister Stanislaus Kennedy.

3. Miriam O'Callaghan interviewing Catherine Keenan, a woman Focus Ireland helped through homelessness.

4. A message from the Managing Director of Bord Gáis Energy, Dave Kirwan.

Pat DenniganSr. Stanislaus KennedyMiriam O'Callaghan & Caroline KeenanDave Kirwan

8:45pm: Grab a snack & hot drink!

Take a moment to have a sandwich, snack, and hot drink with your sleep-out group. You can also use this time video call or Zoom call your friends, family, and colleagues taking part in different locations to discuss your experience.

9:00PM: Join our Zoom session & watch ''Why?''

Our Director of Advocacy, Mike Allen, will be the host for a Zoom Q&A session at 9pm. Click the button below to join the Zoom! After the Zoom quiz, you can watch our new video on family homelessness ''Why?'' by clicking the button below

9:30pm: Watch The Late Late show on RTE player

We will be featuring on The Late Late Show on Friday 16th October at about 10pm! We will have guests appearing on the show and you can learn more about the work we do at Focus Ireland. You can watch the show live on the RTE player from your sleep-out on your phone, tablet, or laptop. Click the button below to view!

11:30pm: Bedtime, sleep tight!

Turn out the lights and brave the elements for your Shine a Light Night sleep-out. Remember to reflect on how fortunate you are to have a safe home, workplace, or garden to sleep-out in. Remind yourself you are sleeping out in solidarity with people who do not have a place to call home. 

5AM-8AM: Wake up and share your experience

Wake up the morning after Shine a Light Night and reflect on the experience. How do you feel? Was it a challenging evening? Did you get much sleep? Were you cold or wet? Share your experience online and use #ShineALightNight don't forget to share your fundraising page and ask for support - well done on sleeping out!