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How can I get involved?

There are a couple of different ways you can get involved. We ask Business Leaders, CEO’s, MD’s and members of Leadership Teams to join their peers and sleep-out at Dublin’s Law Society of Ireland and Cork’s Spike Island on October 18th and aim to raise a target amount of €5,000.

Shine A Light at Work – you can also get involved by getting your colleagues together and having a sleep-out at work; in the office, in the car park, on the roof or in the lobby. The important thing is that you come together and fundraise collectively with an aim to reach a target of at least €1,000.

Who takes part in the Business Leaders' sleep-out?

We ask CEO’s, MD’s, and members of Leadership Teams to participate in the Business Leader’s sleep-outs at Dublin’s Law Society of Ireland and Cork’s Spike Island.

Do we have to take part on October 18th?

Our organised event is on October 18th – this is the night when the Business Leader’s sleep-outs take place and we encourage work place sleep-outs to also take part on this night; there is a huge amount of social media activity on the night – we connect the sleep-out’s online so everyone knows they are a part of a truly special night and a much bigger event with people sleeping-out all over Ireland.

What if I don’t reach my target?

Your target is just a target; we ask that you make every effort to reach it but all you can do is your best and we’re grateful for your efforts.

How do I fundraise to reach my target?

Shine A Light is very much a supported campaign. We give you everything we think you will need to reach your fundraising target in a fully personalised fundraising kit including:

  • The link to your personalised online fundraising page
  • A social Media Pack so you can share your Shine A Light journey with your supporters
  • An eTag for your email signatures – this can be hyperlinked to your fundraising page
  • Offline fundraising tips and ideas
  • A sponsorship email / letter template to send out to your contacts / suppliers / colleagues
  • Videos to share with your sponsors about Shine A Light Night and about Focus Ireland’s work and the people that we work with.

How do I organise a work-place sleep-out?

A full list of everything you need to know to participate in Shine A Light at Work can be found HERE.

Our CEO / MD is sleeping-out at the Business Leader’s sleep-out; can the staff do Shine A Light at Work?

Absolutely – lots of company’s participate in both elements of the event ensuring they are involved in the most meaningful way possible. Using ‘Quoto’ images and the social media deck provided we encourage you to share your experiences from your office sleep-out and from Law Society of Ireland or Spike Island. Participating in both elements highlights to your neighbours, suppliers, colleagues, and competitors that your company is fully committed to supporting Focus Ireland’s Shine A Light Night. Companies who get involved in both elements of the night garner a huge amount of admiration and support.