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About the event

Bord Gáis Energy through our partnership with Focus Ireland aim to help make a marked impact on the lives of people effected by family homelessness.

Specifically, the funding we provide enables Focus Ireland to give support services that can prevent a family becoming homeless in the first place.

As a team, we are all really passionate about this partnership which has been in place since 2015.

Since the partnership was established, the Bord Gáis Energy funding has offered a wide range of support systems to over 4,000 families in homelessness.

We have pledged €2.4m and the employee team has added so much more to this…. This year we want to break all records and get our full support behind Shine a Light Night 2019

Shine A Light Business Leaders sleep-out

Focus Ireland calls on CEO’s, MD’s, and members of Leadership Teams to join their peers and sleep-out on the grounds of Dublin’s Law Society of Ireland and Cork’s Spike Island on October 18th.

We ask Business Leaders to aim to reach a target of €5,000; this is just a target and we appreciate you making your best effort. In order to help you reach your fundraising target we will create a fully personalised fundraising kit containing everything you need to make your fundraising as easy and as fun as possible.

The funds you raise will go directly towards funding vital frontline services and helping Focus Ireland to change people’s lives.

Shine A light At Work

Focus Ireland is calling on staff in companies all over Ireland to get your team together, fundraise collectively and have a sleep out or sleep in at your workplace or join us for one of our organised coporate events Dublin, Iveagh Gardens; Cork, Spike Island; Wexford, Innovate Wexford Park; LImerick, King John's Castle; or Waterford , Edmund Rice Centre.

We ask teams to raise at least €1000 and we will give you everthing you need to organise your sleep out and make your fundraising as easy as possible

Will you help to end homelessness in Ireland?

At Focus Ireland we work tirelessly to end homelessness; every day we move a family out of homelessness and into a home of their own.

We work with young people leaving care to support them starting out in life as an adult – this is often the only support a young person has at this crucial time in their young lives.

Prevention – we can end homelessness when we prevent homelessness. Focus Ireland works with people to prevent them from ever becoming homeless including young people, families, and people who are vulnerable in our society, ensuring they never have to endure the trauma of becoming homeless.